For Educators

As a laboratory school, working with a variety of people that will eventually end up working with young children in some capacity is a large part of our work at the Center. We sustain partnerships with the community and several departments at the University of Pittsburgh in order to assist in their career paths as well as supplementing the curriculum for the current students of UCDC.

Our community presence is noted through collaborative work with local childcare centers in the Oakland area, trainings held by some of the administrators and teachers at UCDC, and international practicum experiences.  Our connection with the University of Pittsburgh is quite strong and we have a lovely partnership with several departments at the University. These partnerships allow us to have an ongoing relationship with future career people that will work with young children. Annually, we host a visit from the Dental School, the School of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the School of Speech and Language Pathology. Student observations occur all throughout our school year as well in collaboration with the School of Education, Instruction and Learning, and various other related fields. The Center also provides opportunities for research as approved by the Director.

We have also provided a number of helpful links on this page to assist in traversing through the many important websites that are relevant in the field of early childhood education today. If interested in employment, please use the link on the right to navigate our hiring procedures.