Organizational Structure

The Center houses twelve classrooms: four infant rooms (six weeks to eighteen months of age), four toddler rooms (eighteen months to three years of age), two younger preschool rooms (three and four year olds), and two older preschool rooms (four and five year olds). Each room is designed to be age-appropriate for the group occupying the space and each element in the room relates to the program's goal of extending the philosophical framework, that of the extended family, by making the environment familiar, comfortable and one that will provide a sense of security for the child. We have two large motor rooms, one is used primarily by infants and toddlers and the larger of the two is used primarily by preschool children.  Children of all ages use the Center's playground which is outfitted with equipment designed for different levels of development.

The Center is staffed with a Director, Education Coordinator, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, 12 Head Teachers, 12 Associate Teachers, 16 Assistant Teachers, and Student Assistants. In addition to creating optimal learning environments and teaching children, the classroom staff is also responsible for mentoring student teachers and practicum students and supporting those who wish to conduct research on site.