Infant Two

In Infant 2, we are one big family that likes to learn, play, and grow together while having fun.  For staff, children, and families, a supportive network is created through communication, flexibility, and participation.  Children and their families are welcomed with opened arms to the Infant 2 Crew!

We focus on “process over product” art, as children learn so much more through experimenting with materials on their own as opposed to following a specific format to achieve an aesthetically pleasing end product.  Similarly, we’re big on self-initiated play, so that we can really observe a child’s strengths and areas to grow.  This also really gives infants a chance to explore their world uninterrupted, which is very important for their development.

We follow a basic daily schedule, but because babies are unpredictable sometimes, the times are approximate and subject to change.  Basically, our schedule allows time for meals, diapers, LOTS of free play (including books), morning and/or afternoon activities (such as painting or baking), morning and afternoon gym/outdoor play (weather permitting), rest, and transitions.  There is a lot of overlap and we are very flexible. 

Aside from that, we listen to a wide variety of music, from kidsongs to rock’n’roll, and we dance, sing, and play instruments as much as possible!!! 

And don’t forget – families are always welcome in our room, at any time of the day!