Toddler One

We welcome our children, families and extended families to Toddler One to enjoy our classroom and activities. Families are always welcome to join us for meals, read stories, and play.  We believe family is the most important part of a child’s world.  All are unique and contribute to the makeup of our classroom family. 

Our teaching team believes that each toddler explores his/her world in their own way: learning language and communicating, discovering independence, appreciating beauty and interacting with peers. We encourage their investigation and applaud their discovery.  We respect their interests, ideas, suggestions and questions which drive our curriculum.  We honor each child’s accomplishments by sharing their joy, displaying their work and celebrating their individuality.

Play is the most important part of our day.  We believe in child initiated activities, supported by our teaching team who enhance the learning that children are engaged in. We build on this through a classroom library, manipulative shelves (puzzles, matching, science)  dramatic play, music, sensory, art and blocks. These options are open to every child throughout the day interspersed with specific meal, nap, gym and playground times.  We observe the wider world through walks around our neighborhood regularly.