Toddler Three

The toddler years are filled with fun and interesting developments both physically as well as socially.  Keeping with the ideals and philosophy set forth by UCDC, we strive everyday to create an environment in which the children will form positive self concepts, build lasting relationships, and embrace a love of learning.  Every day when the children enter the classroom, activities are available that reflect their unique interests and are appropriate for their level of development. The classroom teachers facilitate their play and extend their learning through creative materials and supportive interactions. In the summer, you may find us exploring water.  When fall comes, we might be collecting leaves to make a collage.  During the cold days of winter, you might see snow in our sensory tables.

We work to create a balanced schedule that allows large group work, small group times, individual exploration, small and large motor activities, and the appropriate amounts of rest and relaxation for every child. Nutrition is an important part of our programming and philosophy. Children are exposed to healthy foods and positive eating behaviors during our familiy style meals. New vocabulary, social skills, and exposure to a variety of foods will hopefully promote a lifetime of wellness and healthy eating habits.